During my sophomore year of high school, I suffered a pretty nasty knee injury at one of my volleyball practices. My teammates and I were volleying the ball back and forth, and on one particular hit, I jumped up towards the net to spike the ball. While in mid air, an awkward movement led me to injure my knee, essentially popping a hole in my kneecap! Immediately following the injury, my parents didn’t hesitate at all to send me to Ocean County Sports Medicine. My father had gone to Dr. Tauro for shoulder problems in the past, and my older brother had visited him for some knee issues, so it was the natural decision for me to go to OCSM as well. My family was consistently impressed with the quality of care they received from Dr. Tauro, and both my father and brother only had positive things to say about him. When I met Dr. Tauro for myself, it was easy to see why. He’s incredibly personable, relaxed, and made me feel comfortable right away. After Dr. Tauro’s initial assessment, he assured me that even though I had some serious damage, it could all be repaired and that I’d be back out on the court in full form for my junior year. I’m happy to say that he delivered on that promise. Following my initial surgery to clear out the knee, we made the decision to have a cartilage grafting procedure to prevent future pain or stiffness, and lessen my risk for arthritis at a young age. As a high school athlete playing on both the basketball and volleyball teams, I couldn’t imagine not being able to participate in my favorite activities. The surgery itself went smoothly and Dr. Tauro was there to guide me every step of the way. In fact, I was surprised at how easy he made the physical therapy process for me! Within 6 months, I had regained complete usability and was able to join my teammates for the 2013 season. Even though this past spring was my last with the team, it won’t be the last of my volleyball career. In the fall I’ll be attending Stockton College where I’m excited to continuing playing volleyball on an intramural team. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Tauro to anyone looking for a great orthopedic surgeon. He was always respectful of my needs, helped build my confidence throughout the process, and made for an all around fantastic doctor.

Emily Sweeney, 18 years old, Beachwood, NJ