Ocean County Sports Medicine

Ocean County Sports Medicine is a comprehensive, regional orthopedic practice that focuses on cutting edge medical care and excellent patient outcomes. Based in Toms River, NJ, Ocean County Sports Medicine offers a range of specialized treatment options, including both non-surgical treatments and orthopedic surgery, in order to provide the best care available for disorders of bones, joints and muscles.

Dr. Tauro is now in network with Qual-Care and Ameri-Health. Out-of-network benefits from all insurance plans are accepted and the staff works hard to accommodate each patient’s budget.

What We Do

  • Shoulder Procedures

    We employ anatomically correct repair techniques with proven increases in healing rates for patients and specialize in the treatment of complex shoulder problems, including patients who have had failed prior surgery. Orthopedic surgeons throughout the country utilize Dr. Tauro’s innovative techniques.

  • Knee Procedures

    Dr. Tauro is using a cutting-edge Muscle Sparing, No-Tourniquet Knee Replacement Technique! Traditionally, knee replacement required cutting through muscle. The new technique avoids cutting through muscle, and instead, goes underneath the muscle. This allows the patient to stand up soon after surgery, and have the muscle strength to walk, facilitating a faster return to normal activities.

  • Foot & Ankle Procedures

    At Ocean County Sports Medicine, we specialize in treating various foot and ankle conditions such as ankle sprains, joint surface injuries and fractures. The ankle joint provides the body with balance, stability and the ability to bear the body’s weight.

  • Hand, Wrist & Elbow Procedures

    As recognized leaders and innovators in the field of orthopedics, Ocean County Sports Medicine treats a range of injuries and disorders to the hand, wrist and elbow.

  • Hip Procedures

    A hip replacement involves removing the diseased surface of the ball and socket of the hip and replacing it with an artificial lining. There is typically a stem that goes into the canal of the femur that has the new ball attached.

  • Joint Preservation

    Joint Preservation means preventing joint deterioration and arthritis, thus reducing the chance you will need a joint replacement. It involves both non-surgical and surgical techniques.

  • Cartilage & Meniscus Transplantion

    Cartilage and meniscus transplantation is a way for us to prevent or delay the need for future joint replacement. For cartilage transplantation, we use the patients own cartilage from an unneeded area of the knee or use carefully selected fresh donor cartilage.

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