As a Jersey shore resident, the last thing I wanted was to go through a surgery and recovery process that would potentially inhibit me from living an active lifestyle and enjoying my summers at the beach. Near the end of summer 2013, I started to feel bad aches and pains in my back. But it eventually got to a point where I couldn’t even stand or get up from the chair. At the time, I was seeing a rheumatologist for the aching back pain and other autoimmune related issues I was experiencing, but she recommended that I get an x-ray and see an orthopedic surgeon. Following her request, I scheduled my first appointment with Dr. Tauro, per suggestion from a friend of mine, who was a previous patient of Dr. Tauro’s and had a very pleasant experience. After Dr. Tauro examined and learned about me, my lifestyle, and the pain I was experiencing, he recommended that a direct anterior total hip replacement was the best solution. Dr. Tauro helped educate me on this direct anterior hip approach, as it is the newest, most advanced hip replacement technique that is not commonly used by many orthopedic surgeons. However, given his extensive experience, background and the relationship he built with me, I trusted his advice, and knew that this would be the best option for me. He helped educate me on what the surgery, rehab and recovery process would be like, and informed me on all of the benefits that come with this new approach – a smaller incision, less pain, shorter hospital stay, faster recovery, improved mobility, decreased chance of dislocation. So on March 4, 2014, I received my direct anterior total hip replacement. And Dr. Tauro was right! One day after the surgery, I was getting out of bed, dressing myself and walking around, with the assistance of an occupational therapist. I then did rehab in a group setting for three days, where I was with people who went through the same process, so we could encourage each other and take small steps as a team in the recovery process. When I returned to my house, they sent a visiting nurse and an occupational therapist twice a day for two weeks, which was extremely helpful in supporting me complete my daily activities. I was off using the walker 10 days after surgery and did physical therapy for a few weeks and before I knew it I was completely back to normal, and experiencing no pain! I really liked the way that Dr. Tauro took care of me from the first day I met him, until now, four months after my surgery. He is a very down-to-earth doctor, who provides personalized, compassionate care and he was very sensitive to my concerns, which I appreciated. It was comforting for me to know that he and his staff were very easy to get in touch with and they get to know everyone on a personal level. Even when I was concerned about going to my first dentist appointment following my surgery, Dr. Tauro and his office staff worked with my dentist to make sure I was able to undergo any additional procedures, and answered all of my questions along the way to make me feel at ease. Now that I am back up, moving, and feeling great, I am happy to be out on the water paddle boarding with my family and enjoying the summer!

Barbara Rivolta, 63 years old, Forked River, NJ resident