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We provide sports medicine and patient education resources for clients at our Toms River, NJ facility

Every patient has the right to high-quality healthcare. At Ocean County Sports Medicine, we believe the best patient experience requires trust and transparency between you and our doctors. To accomplish this goal, we've compiled a list of sports medicine and patient education resources for every patient at our Toms River, NJ practice. You'll receive a breakdown of the sports medicine procedures offered, recovery times information and detailed explanations about what we do and why we do it.

Knowledge is power, especially as a patient.

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Are you a current or future patient? Learn more about the sports medicine procedures offered by our surgeon, Dr. Joseph Tauro:


Dr. Tauro is one of the pioneers of arthroscopic shoulder surgery with over 25 years of experience. Arthroscopic repairs are much less invasive than open repairs and reduce inflammation, pain and scarring compared to open procedures. They can often be more accurate and anatomically correct than open repairs. Almost all of our rotator cuff repairs are done arthroscopically as well as the majority of arthroscopic labral repairs for patients with instability of the shoulder. We specialize in the repair of previously failed arthroscopic procedures.


Hip replacements remove the diseased surface of the ball and socket of the hip replacing it with an artificial lining. Thanks to our use of the direct anterior approach, we perform the procedure without cutting any muscles. This greatly reduces the chance of a dislocation of the implant in the early postoperative period and means that the use of pillows between the legs and other precautions are not necessary. You will be able to walk normally and return to normal activities rapidly.


We perform arthroscopic meniscal surgeries and ACL reconstructions using the latest techniques. Dr. Tauro uses a cutting edge knee replacement technique that approaches the knee under the thigh muscles rather than cutting through them. We also avoid tourniquet use. This allows patients to regain muscle strength sooner and reduces postoperative swelling and pain.


Joint preservation focuses on preventing joint deterioration and arthritis so that we can reduce the risk of needing a joint replacement in the future. Dr. Tauro uses both surgical and non-surgical procedures for joint preservation. (See "Orthobiologics and viscosupplementation" and "cartilage and meniscus transplantation").


Cartilage and meniscus transplantation prevents or delays the need for a joint replacement. These procedures involve replacing damaged cartilage and meniscus with healthy tissue. For cartilage transplantation we can sometimes transplant healthy cartilage from an unused area of your knee to the damaged area or use carefully selected cartilage from a donor. More recently technological advance called the MACI procedure allows us to take a small sample of healthy cartilage which is then used to grow more cartilage cells and then is re-implanted on a collagen matrix.


Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a product produced from the patient's own blood that is specially processed to concentrate anti-inflammatory and healing factors which can be injected into an arthritic joint, a damaged tendon or ligament and can be very effective in reducing pain and stimulating healing. Bone marrow can be specially processed so that stem cells are concentrated and can be used in a similar manner although the harvesting of bone marrow is more invasive and we typically reserve this for augmentation of surgical repairs done in the operating room.

Viscosupplementation involves injecting a gel into the knee joint which improves lubrication and typically reduces the pain from an arthritic joint for up to 2 years. Viscosupplementation can be especially effective in patients with mild to moderate arthritis.


We specialize in treating various foot and ankle conditions like ankle sprains, joint surface injuries and fractures.


Dr. Tauro treats many common injuries of the hand, wrist and elbow. This includes tendinitis, fractures, dislocations, arthritis, sprains, bursitis and tennis elbow. Dr. Tauro is very experienced in treating throwing athletes with elbow ligament tears (the Tommy John injury).

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