Shoulder Procedures


A pioneer in arthroscopic shoulder repair with over 25 years of experience, Ocean County Sports Medicine specializes in less invasive rotator cuff repair and ligament repair. We employ anatomically correct repair techniques with proven increases in healing rates for patients and specialize in the treatment of complex shoulder problems, including patients who have had failed prior surgery. Orthopedic surgeons throughout the country utilize Dr. Tauro’s innovative techniques.

Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair is a minimally invasive procedure to reattach rotator cuff tears. Dr. Tauro performs this procedure using small incisions and an arthroscrope. The procedure leads to faster recovery time with less inflammation, discomfort and scarring than traditional open surgery.

Dr. Tauro also specializes in the treatment of patients who have had previous failed surgery, including tendon transfers and bone grafting, and performs reverse shoulder replacement for patients with arthritis and irreparable RCTs.


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