Knee Procedures


Dr. Tauro is using a cutting-edge Muscle Sparing, No-Tourniquet Knee Replacement Technique! Traditionally, knee replacement required cutting through muscle. The new technique avoids cutting through muscle, and instead, goes underneath the muscle. This allows the patient to stand up soon after surgery, and have the muscle strength to walk, facilitating a faster return to normal activities. This new technique also avoids using a tourniquet, which had traditionally been used to stem bleeding during surgery. Without the tourniquet, patients experience less pain and swelling post-op. Transfusions are rare when using this technique.

For those suffering from a torn meniscus (“torn cartilage”), Ocean County Sports Medicine performs arthroscopic surgery, as well as the most modern surgeries for ACL and other ligament tears, which are anatomically correct and provide superior results. Knee realignment procedures can also be used to delay the need for knee replacement.

For older patients with damage to only one portion of the knee, we perform partial knee replacement. If there is damage to more than one area of the knee, a total knee replacement may be required. This procedure is most commonly performed in patients who are age 60 and over to relieve severe arthritic pain.


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