AANA’s Master Courses: Teaching and Learning New Orthopedic Surgery Techniques

dr-tauroBy Dr. Joseph Tauro. Follow on Twitter @OCSM_

Orthopedic Surgery changes and improves all of the time. New techniques are developed, proven in research studies, and then are adopted. How do orthopedic surgeons learn these new techniques?

Well, it’s a long answer really. We read journals and attend conferences, but critically, we must practice the actual performance of a new technique before using it on one of our patients. This is where professional organizations under the umbrella of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons come in. One such organization is the Arthroscopy Association of North America (AANA), a group I have been proudly associated with during the majority of my career.

AANA’s goal is to teach the new skills needed by orthopedic surgeons throughout the country and more recently, internationally. I am a member of several AANA committees who are working to improve what and how we teach surgery and have been a Master Instructor of Arthroscopic Surgery for AANA for many years.

This summer, I was one of four Master Instructors for AANA’s Shoulder Arthroscopy Techniques course, assisted by over 20 associate instructors working with an enthusiastic group of almost 50 participating surgeons. At this course, we start with classroom instruction, progress to computer assisted learning, then on to models, and then finally honing new skills in a cadaveric lab. Of course, its not just the students who learn at these courses. It is an opportunity to learn from other Master Instructors.

Teaching at one of these courses yearly along with participating in other important AANA meetings had been of tremendous benefit to my patients. AANA also gives courses in knee, hip, ankle, elbow and wrist arthroscopic surgery. Check out AANA.org and go to the patient information section for lots of cool info like this “Tommy John” surgical demonstration:

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