Having known Dr. Tauro for 20 plus years, it was no question that he would be the surgeon for my reverse total shoulder replacement surgery. I was first introduced to Dr. Tauro through my daughter, who was working at Community Medical Center and had heard great things about the orthopedic surgeon there. And from that time on, my family had our go-to orthopedic physician. When years of repetitively and constantly pulling files for work left my shoulder bone on bone, leading to grinding and extreme pain, I knew I had to see Dr. Tauro for some advice. I had previously been treated by him for my knee and tendonitis in my shoulder, with great satisfaction. When the suggestion and need for a reverse shoulder repair presented itself, I had the utmost confidence in Dr. Tauro’s care and abilities. By this time, he had also performed three surgeries on my husband and daughter collectively, and I had the proof that he was the best there is! My surgical experience and recovery process were equally fantastic. Working hard three times a day allowed me to recover very quickly with an extremely pleasant outcome. Since my surgery in May 2013, I have been able to take up and enjoy crocheting, something I was never able to do because I experienced so much pain. A major change that this successful surgery has also brought is that I am now able to get good nights of sleep; the pain no longer keeps me up at night. I understand the importance of having a great doctor that you can really rely on, so through word of mouth I continue to recommend Dr. Tauro. I suggest his care and handout his card to everyone I possibly can, even in the supermarket. I want people to have the same wonderful care and experiences that I have received from such a great surgeon and office.

Kay Jordan, 70 years old, Bayville NJ resident