When you’re as active as I am at my age, it’s only natural for things to start breaking down. When that time came for me, I knew I had to do something about it. It may have been easy to let it slide, but I knew that if I could find good care, that satisfaction of being able to continue to do the things I love would be well worth it. I consider myself pretty active, and do my best to stay fit. I bike, walk, do yoga, and I go to the gym for about 2 to 3 hours a day. But all of that is really just so that I can stay in shape for my true passion: skiing. When I first started skiing, there was a group of about 18 of us. Now, there are only a couple of us left that still ski, and I owe it to Dr. Tauro for making it possible. A few years back, I was having some problems with my right shoulder. That’s when I first came across Dr. Tauro and Ocean County Sports Medicine. He took care of my issues without any trouble, making it an easy decision to return when I realized I would need rotator cuff surgery on my left shoulder in July of 2013. I really liked that throughout the entire process, Dr. Tauro worked around my schedule, and he didn’t prohibit me from working out entirely, just helped me to ease back into things. Dr. Tauro is active himself, so he really understood where I was coming from, and did his best to make the procedure work with my needs and preferences. My actual rotator cuff repair procedure was painless, and I was amazed that just three days after the surgery, I was ready to begin physical therapy. Within six months, I had full movement and zero pain. I don’t know of too many people that could say that, including some of my friends who have had similar procedures. At 77, I can get out on the slopes and keep up with all my ski buddies in their 40s. I also ski with my son and my two oldest grandkids at least once a year. My two youngest grandchildren, a two-year-old and a four-month-old, obviously haven’t started yet, but when the time comes I’d like to be out there teaching them how to ski as well. Since having surgery, there isn’t anything I want to do that I can’t do, and that’s why my procedure with Dr. Tauro has been such a positive experience. Dr. Tauro was always very accommodating, understanding, and professional, and in my opinion, he’s simply the best.

Julius Cipolletti, 77 years old, Brick, NJ resident