A little over a year ago in May of 2013, I was walking through my kitchen as I do most days, when I experienced an excruciating pain in my left knee. It was almost entirely incapacitating, stopping me in my tracks and forcing me to wait in a seated position on the floor until my family returned home. Obviously, I sought immediate council. At the recommendation of my father, I turned to Dr. Tauro to be the first (and only) physician to assess my knee problem. Dr. Tauro had previously done emergency hip surgery as the orthopedic surgeon on call when my father fell at my home at the age of 75. From the moment Dr. Tauro first examined my own situation, I knew that he was the one I wanted to be my surgeon. He was careful, but thorough, and gave me the level of personal attention I knew I wanted. He explained everything in terms that I could easily understand and I got a strong sense that I’d be able to really trust him. Dr. Tauro found that the pain I was experiencing was due to a torn meniscus, which he promptly repaired in June of 2013. Unfortunately, during the surgery he found that my active lifestyle over the years had caused the cartilage in my knee to break down to the point of complete cartilage loss. Following meniscus surgery, I was able to toe touch for the first three days, and started walking without crutches in five days. After the second surgery for a cartilage grafting procedure in November I began a second round of physical therapy, and though the process has been a long one, I can say with confidence that it has gone exactly as it was explained to me. I was connected to a CPM machine for flexion and extension for six hours per day for the first two weeks post-surgery. I had non-weight bearing for three months and starting to toe touch in February 2014, two weeks ahead of schedule. I currently continue to rebuild on my own with a follow up appointment in January 2015. Dr. Tauro has continued to remain a part of my recovery process, ensuring that I’m healing properly and feeling good. I’m very pleased with the work Dr. Tauro has surgically performed and I regularly recommend him to others. In fact, many who know the extent of my surgeries and of the success that I’ve had, have approached me to ask for his name and number on their own. In 2014, more of my family members were treated by Dr. Tauro, including my mother-in-law, father-in-law, husband and son. Now on the back end of my rehab, I walk three miles each day and am looking forward to participating in more dynamic activities in the near future. Though I had to give up my first love of skiing many years ago after my ACL surgery, Dr. Tauro has given me permission to snowboard after rehabilitation and I couldn’t be more excited to get back on the mountains and try it. I continually post my rehabilitation progress on my Facebook page, and encourage any who are interested to check it out to keep up to date with my success.

Gayle Rolak, 48 years old, Forked River, NJ