I’ve been an athlete my entire life, and after years of pushing my joints and muscles to their limits, I’ve experienced the aches and pains that accompany a life dedicated to competition and intense activity. I first went to Dr. Tauro based on a recommendation from a friend and it’s some of the best advice I’ve ever taken. Dr. Tauro helped repair my knee following several botched procedures by another surgeon. His work was incredible and I was finally back to doing the activities that I love, quickly and pain free. When I hurt my shoulder lifting at the gym, I knew it was time see Dr. Tauro again. Based on my injury and my active lifestyle, Dr. Tauro suggested a total shoulder replacement. I had the surgery on a Tuesday and the next day I was in physical therapy which helped me get my strength back quickly and regain a full range of motion. What I like best about Dr. Tauro is that he really understood the role that sports and being active play in my life and how important it was for me to be able to continue to run, row, swim, and lift weights regularly. I’m the Lifeguard Captain for Lavallette Beach, so being in shape is critical not only for my health but for my ability to perform my job. Dr. Tauro worked with me post-surgery through my therapy, to ensure that I could return to the activities that I love without any risk of injury. I’ve since referred my wife for her knee, my daughter for her ACL, and my son for his shoulder to Dr. Tauro, since I like that he only operates if he thinks it’s really necessary. His approach to post-surgery rehab got us all up and moving and back to our favorite activities quickly. I no longer need to limit myself due to knee or shoulder pain. Thanks to Dr. Tauro, I’m able to continue to lead my active lifestyle.

Bob Tormollan, 66 years old, Toms River, NJ resident