I didn’t always have the best track record with doctors, so when I heard my wife’s friend rave about the tremendous experience her husband had with Dr. Tauro, I had to check him out for myself, and now, months after my total shoulder replacement surgery, I am grateful I did. My experience with Dr. Tauro and his office was extremely pleasant and thorough. Dr. Tauro has a great way of making you feel that when you are with him, you are of sole importance. When I first visited the office in June 2013 with severe shoulder pain, which had gradually become unbearable, Dr. Tauro provided a number of options and suggestions for my injury. When the cortisone shots didn’t help the spurs, arthritis and tears that Dr. Tauro had discovered in my shoulder, I comfortably opted for the surgery on his recommendation. Before the surgery, the gradual deterioration of my shoulder left me in extreme discomfort and unable to do everyday tasks without feeling a great deal of pain. Thanks to Dr. Tauro and my total shoulder replacement, I now feel that I could be the first 80-year-old major league pitcher, if the Mets would take me! The surgery and Dr. Tauro’s great care have allowed me to get back to doing things I wasn’t able to do with my injured shoulder. Prior to the surgery, I was unable to play golf for a year due to the pain and while Dr. Tauro wasn’t able to help improve my game much, he has allowed me to get back on the green. Swimming and little things that you take for granted, like being able to reach things in cabinets and putting on a shirt without extreme pain are all things I am able to do now, thanks to Dr. Tauro’s successful work. I already have and will continue to recommend Dr. Tauro to anyone looking for a great orthopedic doctor.

Bill Betz, 79 years old, Waretown NJ resident