#ProtectYourBack – Proper Lifting Techniques

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By Mike Manzo, PT, MPT, Atlantic Physical Therapy Center

We see far too many people who are affected by low back pain. To keep it simple, backs break down when they move too much. That is not to say that generally moving or being active is bad — it is quite the contrary.  Where the movement is happening in the body determines our likelihood of having a back problem.

The spine is designed to be very stable. The hips are designed to be very mobile. When we move with a stable spine and derive the majority of motion through the hips and knees, the back is very happy.  As we lose motion in the joints designed for mobility (hips and knees), we tend to start demanding more motion from the spine. More spinal segmental movement leads to spinal problems.

Watch this short video clip “#ProtectYourBack: Proper Lifting Techniques” from physical therapist Jim Flaherty of Atlantic Physical Therapy Center to learn about proper body mechanics with bending and lifting activities and performing activities low to the ground.

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