New Advancements for Torn Ligaments & Rotator Cuff Repair

dr-tauroBy Dr. Joseph Tauro. Follow on Twitter @OCSM_

One of the great things about Orthopedic Surgery is that we are constantly improving our techniques and the types of implants we use to accomplish them. I have just returned from the AANA Fall Course held near Dallas, Texas where we demonstrated a new type of anchor which we use to arthroscopically reattach torn ligaments or a torn rotator cuff in the shoulder.

These anchors are only 1.3mm in size and have tremendous holding power in the bone where we perform our repair of the ligament or rotator cuff! Because they are so small, they can be inserted “percutaneously” (directly through the skin using a small tube about the size of a plastic coffee stirrer). We can now do our repairs better and stronger!

You can check out a video of one of these anchors being used at



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