Cartilage & Meniscus Transplantion


Cartilage and meniscus transplantation is a way for us to prevent or delay the need for future joint replacement. For cartilage transplantation, we use the patients own cartilage from an unneeded area of the knee or use carefully selected fresh donor cartilage. Meniscal transplants are used when large parts of the meniscus have been lost due to injury and/or prior surgical removal.

Candidates for these procedures vary, as normal cartilage must be present around the lesions. This outpatient procedure entails removing damaged bone and cartilage from the joint and inserting or transplanting healthy bone, cartilage and meniscus in its place to prevent further joint degeneration.

For larger lesions that need grafting, Ocean County Sports Medicine is able to secure donor cartilage through a strict selection and extreme quality control. This procedure restores the joint surface and delays or prevents the need for joint replacement.


A healthy knee typically produces joint fluid that lubricates knee cartilage to preserve smooth joint movement. Viscosupplementation are biologic or synthetic fluids that bind to the joint surface and lubricate and cushion the knee joint in order to ease joint movement. This technique is typically recommended for those who are suffering from mild to moderate arthritis, as well as degenerative disease and is delivered in a series of three injections.


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