ConMed Advanced Shoulder Symposium

By Dr. Joseph Tauro, MD – Follow on Twitter @OSCM_

I am honored to be joining a host of world-class surgeons to share ideas and techniques this Saturday, March 7, 2015 at ConMed’s Advanced Shoulder Symposium at the ConMed Center for Orthopaedic Education in Largo, Florida.

The Symposium, entitled “Treating the Spectrum of Rotator Cuff Pathology: From Massive Tears to PASTA Repairs,” offers an interactive forum for discussion and debate of treatment options for complex cases.

I will join fellow peers Alessandro Castagna, MD, L. Pearce McCarty III, MD, and John Randle, MD in giving case presentations on the following topics

  • Indications, diagnosis and technique options for treating a PASTA lesion,
  • Options for treatment of a variety of tears, and
  • Reducing the risk of rotator cuff re-tears with graft augmentation.

Our main focus will be on how best to repair rotator cuffs that are partially torn inside the joint and remain painful (the PASTA lesion, Partial Articular Side Tendon Avulsion), despite an adequate trial of rehabilitation and time to heal on its own. One technique is to cut off the remaining tendon and then repair the whole tendon. Another technique is to evaluate the remaining tendon, and if it is of good quality, not to cut it off. This requires that the part of the tendon that is torn be repaired from inside the joint.

This was demonstrated as a technique by me in the late 90’s. We have refined the technique now so that it can be performed with only a very small puncture of the remaining tendon to insert the necessary anchors and sutures for the repair. We will be specifically teaching this technique to the participants in the laboratory at ConMeds facility.

Surgeons are invited to bring a case for discussion. Following the case presentations, a surgical demonstration will be featured live for the audience. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and comment during this session.

Looking forward to sharing ideas and techniques this weekend with over 24 surgeons that are attending from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. Stay tuned for an update next week on the presentations.

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